Custom Made Equipment Cases- All Types
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Custom Made Equipment Cases- All Types at Catalogue

Custom Made Cases

Custom Case designed by Fullers for an industry training system. April 2007

Custom Wine Merchant Case 2008

Fullers have been making cases since 1998!

We are able to custom design and manufacture a wide range or equipment cases for industry, corporations and individuals. 

The actual process of designing a custom made case is very simple and our designers  have great experience in delivering the perfect case to our customers.

We also carry out CNC cutting so items fit snugly in the high density foam.

All that is required is an email telling us:

- The purpose of the case.
- What will it carry?
- How will the case be transported? (Boot of a car or on a truck?)
- Dimensions of the article it will hold.
- Anything else that might be required.

See the checklist below.


Our customers include:

  • Government
  • Airline Training
  • Computer Training
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • TV and Radio Stations
  • Music Industry
Big Bertha!  

Still our biggest case to date... measuring 2 metres long and 1.7 metres high... this special printer case was made in August 2007 by Fullers for a West Australian Government agency. 

It protects a HUGE Hewlett Packard printer when sent to emergency work sites.  Note the forklift protection panels, forklift skids, recessed nameplate and detachable cover.

To Obtain a Quote and to Order:

1. Know what you wish to achieve and write this in an email for our designers.  They have made these custom cases for years!)

2. Provide a simple sketch of how you want it to look.

3. If necessary, be prepared to send us samples of the product if you require CNC routing.

4. Think about the need for handling such as:

  • Physical size of equipment in L x H x D.  Does the equipment fold down?
  • Storage of documentation and cables.
  • Weight of equipment
  • Accessibility to equipment required?  Lift off top or side opening?  Lots of variations.
  • Will fork lift trucks be used?
  • Road freight or for airline use?
  • Locks?  Casters? 
  • Trolley handle & Wheels  (for lighter cases)?
  • Colour?
  • Padded insides- we can pad the cases to your requirements.
  • Helpful Hint: Lay everything out on a table

Our designers will take this information and provide a written quote along with any suggestions. 
We have been doing this a long time and have probably made something very similar before.

A World of Colours:

Black Fire Engine Red Purple Wash Jungle Green
Dark Blue Blue Wash Safety Yellow Storm Grey

Also aluminium laminate- see photos below.

Other examples of our work include:

Aluminium laminate custom case with custom foam cut out.  Note area for satchel at top. 

This customer uses the case as their presentation at trade shows......


Testimonial: "Hi Scott, Just a slightly belated note to let you know that the case arrived a few days ago.
It's already been out on the streets with me. It's great - a tad over-engineered for my purposes I must say - but there's no chance of it falling apart! It looks terrific as well.   Many thanks, James June 2008"


Scientific Instrument Case with Laser Cut Foam:

Custom Case for engineering component company includes CNC machining of high density foam. July 2007 (customer has reordered 3 times!)

Trolly case with removable back case May 2007.

Other custom made examples are shown below.




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